Cream Cheese Brownies


Each pie we bake, each entree we make, and each cake we frost is done with a sincere love for family, fellowship and the closeness created by comforting food.

Our recipes have been loved and passed down for generations originating from proprietress, Desty McEwan’s family. In fact, the pumpkin muffin recipe she uses to this day was taught to her when she was just five years old by her grandmother “Gigi”. She cherishes her fond memories from Gigi’s kitchen and is proud to continue on her wholesome, sweet traditions today.

Throughout her childhood Desty was known in her family as “pumpkin” – a sweet nickname given to her by her dad. Years later, after she married her husband and now-business partner, Don, it was only fitting that a “Mrs” was added – and the name “Mrs. Pumpkins” was born.

In 1985, Desty and Don, with the help of their two daughters started baking in a basement kitchen at their family home in Tobaccoville, North Carolina. They began baking fresh breads, cakes, muffins, cookies and their signature cream cheese brownies to wholesale customers.

But as business grew, so did their aspirations and that basement kitchen no longer accommodated their dreams. They made the decision to invest in a larger operation to continue on Gigi’s legacy. In 1993, we opened our full-service bakery and commercial kitchen on Reynolda Road in nearby Winston-Salem and expanded our talented team to accommodate growing requests. Today we are proud to offer our community full-service catering, prepared meals to go, fresh bakery goods, gift baskets, as well as, a popular fundraiser program that helps groups raise funds through the sale of Chicken Pies and other delicious items. Mrs. Pumpkins has also become a go-to partner for community churches baking up sweet Lovefeast buns for the holidays.

We are honored to have so many loyal customers who continue to come see us regularly to sweeten their day. And we delight in the opportunity to design special orders to celebrate life’s special moments.