Hard Work Deserves Happy Rewards

Our incentive program rewards your group for going above and beyond, helping make sure your organization’s fundraiser is a resounding success. We offer two incentives for your team to work toward: a Visa gift card incentive and a delivery fee incentive. These incentives run simultaneously, offering your team the chance to earn both rewards!

Visa Gift Card Incentive

Use the Visa gift cards to reward your top sales people or apply them as a credit to your final payment to us.

Total Items Sold Incentive Reward
300 – 399 $25 Visa gift card
400 – 499 $50 (2 – $25 Visa gift cards)
500 – 599 $75 (3 – $25 Visa gift cards)
2,000 – 2,099 $450 (18 – $25 Visa gift cards)

Delivery Fee Incentive

Reward your organization as a whole with this incentive that either cuts your delivery fee in half or removes it altogether.

Total Items Sold Incentive Reward
500 – 999 Delivery fee is reduced by ½
1,000+ Delivery fee is waived

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